Narah Valenska Smith Blog - Let's Talk About Anxiety - October 8th, 2017

Let’s Talk About Anxiety – Vlog – DailyReal 002

Narah Valenska Smith Blog - Let's Talk About Anxiety - October 8th, 2017

Although I had a different topic planned for the second video in my new DailyReal vlog series, I decided to speak about anxiety instead since so many people are suffering from it. I wrote the following on my Facebook page yesterday when I posted. This video has captions as I was speaking in a low voice due to the early morning hour when I recorded it and I wanted to be sure anyone who sees it could understand the words spoken. People’s lives are just too important… and no one deserves to live with anxiety on an ongoing basis when there are ways that can help.

As I shared on my first DailyReal vlog and blog post, my purpose for this vlog series is to share my life and stories with you so that you can benefit from things I have gone through and learned as a result. I will also be sharing all the personal growth and development tips, tools and techniques I have used because they really changed my life for the better. My hope and intention is that they do the same for you as well.

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As always, please feel free to share your thoughts and ask questions in the comments if you feel called or compelled to. I always love hearing from you!

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