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Narah Valenska Smith

Life Writer, Speaker & Coach Narah Valenska Smith

Narah Valenska Smith is a Life Writer, Speaker & Coach and a Life Purpose Expert with SelfGrowth.com, the #1 Self Improvement Site on the Internet with over 2 million monthly visitors. An entrepreneur since the age of 17, she has extensive experience as a business owner and has been a business consultant, life advisor, mentor, coach, teacher and guide for the past 20 years. Narah has helped countless businesses grow and succeed and many individuals see life and opportunities in new ways that have enabled and empowered them to rekindle their hearts, remember who they really are, start from where they are and thrive being their real, awesome, beautiful selves. Her zone of genius is in being able to speak directly to the heart of the matter for people so that they can take an honest look at themselves and their life and make the changes necessary for their growth and evolution.

Narah is married to Scott A Smith and is the mother of 2 boys – Ian and Dylan – ages 14 and 11 – and a 3 year-old little girl named Faith and stepmom to Scott’s son, another boy age 21. She lives in Miami, Florida.


Robert White

Robert White

Author of “Living an Extraordinary Life” and executive coach

Narah Valenska Smith combines an authentic grounding in her personal faith and spirituality with great communication skills. She writes and speaks powerfully about personal and spiritual development. Her teachings are informed by both study and personal life experience so they are immediately actionable. If you’re considering a coach, mentor or teacher, I recommend Narah highly.


Narah’s Professional Biography Highlights


SelfGrowth.com – Life Purpose Expert, Life Coach

Impact Coaching – General Life Coach (Relationship, Health, Career, Parenting Coaching) and Business Coaching

Former Member, Noomii Coaching – General Life Coach (Relationship, Health, Career, Parenting Coaching) and Business Coaching

Participant & Former Member, Empower Network – Personal and Business Coaching and Development

Participant, Various Business Seminars & Success Workshops (SBA, Art of Success, Miracle of Money, Online Success Business Success, Virtual Academy for PPC, Coaching, The Health & Wealth Annex and others)

Participant & Group Leader, Christ Fellowship Bible Study Groups (including Reach Beyond Community Service groups) – see below

Participant, Extraordinary People: Live Extraordinary with Master Coach Robert White

Participant, Quantum Think: Mastering Effectiveness In A Changing World with Dianne & Alan Collins

Participant, Landmark Education Seminars & Courses for Living

  • Basic Program: Creating positive shifts in the quality of one’s life
  • Advanced Program: Mastery in living an extraordinary life
  • Self-Expression & Leadership Program: Expressing oneself fully, making a difference, being a leader
  • Communications Program (Trainings 1 & 2): CAP – Access to Power and CPP – Power and Performance / The Power To Create
  • Assisting Program: Training in the principles and actions of making a difference, teamwork, and accomplishment

Participant & Group Leader, Landmark Education Seminars & Trainings

  • Money: From Concern to Freedom
  • Breakthroughs on Demand
  • Success: From “Making It” To Freedom
  • Creativity: Life By Design
  • Living Passionately: The Art & Mastery of Playing The Game of Life
  • Velocity: Producing Breakthroughs
  • Being Extraordinary: The Art & Practice of Living From Possibility
  • Landmark Forum Living In Action
  • Sex and Intimacy
  • Relationships
  • Causing The Miraculous

Coaches Group, Leader, Southeast Regional Training, Landmark Education Seminars

Participant, Introduction to Leaders Program, Landmark Education

  • Training to listen and relate to other people – effectively communicating so that people are left with new possibilities in their lives

Coach, Introduction to Leaders Program, Landmark Education

Participant, Wisdom Unlimited Course, Landmark Education

Accomplishment Coach, Wisdom Course, Landmark Education

Parent Session Coordinator, Source Person, Registration Team, Production Assistant, Family Division, Landmark Forum for Young People and Landmark Forum for Teens, Landmark Education

Seminars Leader Program Invitation, Landmark Education

  • Training to deliver key distinctions and powerful materials to large groups of people to make a difference in their lives and inspire them to produce unprecedented results

Coach, Leaders Program, Lifespring Seminars & Courses (Summit Education)

Participant, Lifespring Seminars & Courses

  • Basic Program
  • Advanced Program
  • Leadership Program

Participant, Self Discovery Techniques

Participant, The World Hunger Project

Participant, The World Peace Initiative Project Think Tank

Participant, Support Teams & Group Leader, Bible Studies, Christ Fellowship

  • Breaking Free by Beth Moore
  • Discerning The Voice of God by Priscilla Shirer
  • Lord, Change My Attitude by James MacDonald & Barb Peil
  • The Jesus I Never Knew: The I Am Statements
  • Joy and Generosity: A Study on Joy from the Psalms
  • Financial Study: Balanced
  • Starting Point & Second Steps
  • Prayer Team
  • Guest Services Team



Bachelors of Arts in Political Science with business and accounting studies
Florida International University, Miami, Florida

  • Started first grade at 4, high school at 12, graduated at 16
  • Started college program, summer after 10th grade at age 15
  • Partners in Progress 4-year full tuition scholarship recipient to Florida International University
  • Part of small group chosen to represent Puerto Rico in International Exchange of Students held in Venezuela at age 10
  • Accepted into prestigious University of Puerto Rico Middle School/High School/University Program in 1982 at age 10
  • Group Leader, Model United Nations, part of group chosen to represent Florida International University at Model United Nations Political Science/International Relations Conference 2000



Current Owner and/or Co-Director

  • Real Life Enterprises
    • Complete True, Full Success Coaching – helping people create their very best lives & businesses
    • Miami Beyond Organic – promoting health education & products
    • Mr & Mrs Smith Media – social media marketing & advertising
    • Scott Smith Music – inspirational, soulful music


  • Lives & Souls
  • United Christians Worldwide
  • The Make-It-Happen Foundation
  • The World Peace Project
  • The Love & Serve Network


Former Owner & Director

  • Anderson Landscaping, Inc.
  • Artistic Environments, Inc.
  • Natural Arts Maintenance, Inc.
  • Genesis Landscape & Maintenance, Inc.
  • Anderson Landscape & Maintenance
  • Things To Do, Inc.
  • Like Clockwork, Inc.
  • Narah Unlimited International, Inc.


Former Director of Operations & Executive

  • 100 Collins Corp. (fine dining restaurants – Nemo, Big Pink, Big Pink 2, Fish – Executive Administrator, Management, Systems Creation & Implementation and Personal Assistant to restaurateur Myles Chefetz (currently owns Prime 112, Prime Italian, Shoji Sushi, Prime Hotel and Lounge) and Top Chef, James Beard Award Winner and Restaurant Group Partner Michael Schwartz (currently owns Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink, Harry’s Pizzeria, the Cypress Room, menu creator for the 150 Central Park restaurant on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas)
  • Palm Hammock Orchid Estate, Inc. (horticultural services company – Director of Operations, Executive Administrator, Management, Systems Creation & Implementation)
  • Urbanus, Inc. (contemporary furniture designers & makers for Ethan Allen, Crate & Barrel, etc. – Financial Director, Executive Administrator, Management, Systems Creation & Implementation)
  • GSPLH & Co. CPA’s (certified public accountants – Personal Executive Administrative Assistant to 3 of the 5 senior partners – VP Senior Partner, Marketing Partner, Managing Partner – and firm office manager)
  • Alan Lieberman (real estate / hotels & apartment buildings – Management, Systems Creation & Implementation and Personal Executive Administrative Assistant)
  • South Miami Lutheran Church (3 terms: 2005-2008, Treasurer, Council Member)


Other Notable Past Business Work

  • Like Clockwork, Inc. (The LCI Strategy business building and management system to run your business like clockwork.)
  • South Miami Lutheran Church (website & newsletter creator & manager … also Nursery Sunday School Teacher)
  • Florida Wisdom Community (website creator & manager)
  • NAFE – National Association for Female Executives (member)


  • Many other management positions and creation of marketing materials, newsletters, websites as well as accounting systems and business operation system implementations through LCI and Mr and Mrs Smith Media LLC (current and past).


Other Notable Past Personal Development Work

  • Spiritual Divorce
  • A Spiritual Journey
  • The Purpose-Driven Life



  • Book: The Unfurling of Narah Valenska Foreword being written by Rick Blackwood, Founder & Senior/Lead Pastor of Christ Fellowship, Miami, Florida (multicultural church listed among the top one hundred largest and fastest growing churches in America)
Publisher Real Life Enterprises/Real Life Media, 2012 (not yet fully released)
ISBN 0976244381
  • Book: Life School – The Basics About Finances: The 7 Things You Must Know to Succeed in the Real World
Publisher Like Clockwork, Incorporated/Real Life Media, 2004
ISBN 0976244306, 9780976244301


Speaking Engagements & Invitations

  • Schools – Career Day
  • Teen groups
  • Women’s groups
  • Recovery groups
  • Church small groups
  • Business networking events
  • Business and non-profit organization meetings


These are the highlights of Narah Valenska Smith’s education, work and trainings. For more information, interviews and speaking engagement requests, please contact her via direct message here.