Sick As A Dog

Sick As A Dog - Blog Post - Narah Valenska Smith

(written Thursday 3/9/17)

I am sick as a dog and desperate to feel better. My hope is that writing will soothe my soul just enough to help my body ’cause I ache all.over.

I’m a firm believer that being sick starts in the mind. You’re stressed about relationships or about things you need to get done whether for work or personal and you push yourself to handle them to get them off your mind to the point of exhaustion. By then, you’re too tired to workout, you forget to drink water, good thoughts are hard to come by, and you’re just a mess! I think that’s when the body is so vulnerable, there’s no way for it to win. That’s me today. Checkmate.

It does not help matters that everyone around me has been sick either. It has been one of those school years where the germs just go around and around and there isn’t a single month of uninterrupted health and that just plain sucks. It seems like that’s every year these days but it is what it is. I’m a solutions-focused girl anyway so I don’t care so much about being sick as about doing whatever is necessary to feel better.

Since I couldn’t stop thinking and was having trouble breathing due to my stuffed up nose as I laid in my bed, I decided to just get up. Just.get.up. Isn’t that the decision of all decisions? When you are down and out in any way, it truly is.

Allow me to explain…

Life is a long-term game, people. Sure, short-term matters but only as it leads to the long-term. So, this is how I see my being down and out (and I do mean sick as can be!) today… I see it as an opportunity to stop and think, as a moment of reckoning for my future.

You see? Long-term.

That doesn’t mean don’t rest, don’t just stop and do nothing, be in the short-term moment and take it as nothing more than it is – in my case, being sick period. It only means that when you’re down, the only decision to really be made is when you’re gonna get up because you’re certainly not gonna lay there forever.

So, that’s that. I got up at 3:10 am after laying there for an hour trying to get myself back to sleep and here I am – sick as a dog, but here nonetheless.

The question then is, what got me to get up (other than my belief that that was my best option and solution)?

When Sick or Down And Out, You Need A Reason To Get Up

When you are sick or down and out in any way, you need a reason (a why) to get up. My reason is what I’m creating in my life at this time. Knowing what I’m up to and where I’m going gets me up and moving any time.

After years of emotional and financial hardship due to death(s) and divorce, I was able to stabilize myself this past year so now I am working out all the things I need to in my life to have a strong foundation on which to build my future again. At first, I was shocked and stunned by all that befell me, then I was pissed (at myself, at others, at life and even at God), then I made peace with it all and got back in the game. Thank God for that! I needed to and it was high time.

So, what got me to do so? Well, I think things run their course – in my case, grieving in some many ways. I think I had to go through all the stages of it and, in the end, I reached the end of the rope. I was over myself and all my reasons (legit or not). I was 100% over being broken. I was over having my joy stolen. Other than my being my best for my kiddos, that was my reason for getting up – ME being OVER the bullshit, the sadness, the everything that’s bad.

In the end, you have to be above it. You have to make the decision you are better than that. You have to grow from – and past – whatever is keeping you down or stuck in any way. YOU have to DECIDE to do so. It is the only way to come out on top.

When You’re Sick, What’s Your Reason

This early morning, laying there feeling like crap, I knew I could walk myself into my home office and go right into my notebook and inspire myself into action. Why? Because I know what I’m up and my future gives me all the light and peace and energy and drive I could ever hope for.

So, what did I do? I came in here and wrote this… because this is my everything. Writing, speaking, connecting, communicating, helping myself and others through my words, that’s where it’s all at for me. That makes me happy. That makes it easier to breathe and live.

If you don’t know your reason to get up when you’re down or your reason for living in general, guys, I encourage you to find it. I promise you, the joy you will feel at being connected to your own best self is more than worth it plus you’ll be an all-around much better person, in general.

What are you up to? What are you here for? Ask yourself these questions and pay attention to the answers that come up. And even if you’re not sure or don’t know, kindly share your thoughts, your heart and your soul in the comments here and on my post for this blog on my page on Facebook too because, in case you didn’t know, you are a contribution to me and to others and this whole world and you and your input matter!

Wherever you find yourself in your life today – sick, down and out, or not – remember that your true self is what it all boils down to, friends. In reality, who you are and came to be is the only thing that matters a whole lot. Believe it as I believe in you, get up if you need to and know it’s your time to, and rock on! 🙂

All my love to you always,

Narah Valenska Smith - Writer - - Writing. Speaking. Heart to heart. Soul to soul. You Are Worthy.

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