One Day At A Time

One Day At A Time

One Day At A TimeIt is common knowledge that taking life one day at a time is a simple yet powerful way to live. And still, most of us struggle with that simple concept. Most of the time, we are either in the future or the past. We spend our precious LIFE minutes worried about what may be about to happen or upset about what has already transpired.

I deal with this often, just as with our many human being issues. In fact, as I journaled just this morning, that’s literally where I found myself (ruminating) and I had to remind myself to STOP!

We use our “now” to be in either of those two moments – the future or the past – to the detriment of being right here creating this special moment in time.

It seems crazy when you really think about it, downright ludicrous upon full realization. How much we waste our time!*

The important thing here, however, is why. Why do we do this at all?

Being Human

Well, there is just this thing about being human – a set of characteristics and properties. This conglomerate makes us all what we are, in general. Take cars, for example. There are a bunch of different makes and types of cars but the common denominator is that they are all cars, right? They are all made a certain way and, pretty much, operate the same way. Well, that’s the same with us human beings. We are one and the same regardless of our many differences and we all function mostly in typical human fashion.

Knowing this is the case for us all, I believe it is super important to understand ourselves – what we are like and how we work, generally-speaking at least. I believe this knowledge and self-awareness would help us make the best out of ourselves and our lives. I also believe it would help us understand others better and that put together, this understanding would, in turn, help us solve our common problems.

How To Actually Implement Living One Day At A Time

Self-awareness is a pre-requisite then to living one day at a time. If you know yourself not only personally but as a general human being – if you know how you run – you can then make changes and implement more effective ways of being which will benefit not only yourself but the whole world.

If you weren’t aware of these patterns we all have and run on, then watch yourself now. This – dwelling in the past or drifting into the future – is just ONE of the many things we all tend to do. Observe yourself and see how often you are either in the future or the past.

If you feel yourself in some sort of negative space, I guarantee you, most of the time, you’re not right here, right now creating this moment. This is the time you tell yourself to stop being elsewhere in your thoughts and get back to being here.

Connect to your real self in your heart the second you notice you’re going off on a tangent, take a deep breath, and get back to this moment. In this very same way, take on living ONE DAY AT A TIME. Sure, you can have goals and you can plan. However, don’t be there on an ongoing basis. Get back to living this day always.

Remember: today is more than enough, friend. Tomorrow may never even come at all. So, be here and enjoy each moment and life, step-by-step, day-by-day.

All my love to you always,
Narah Valenska Smith - Writer - - Writing. Speaking. Heart to heart. Soul to soul. You Are Worthy.❤️
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Narah Valenska Smith - Life Writer, Speaker & Coach

P.S. *I want to make clear that we are not wasting our time when we are looking over and working on our life – whether it be on our future and past. Only when we don’t learn or move forward from it and get stuck in either is it really a waste. And, even then, it all serves its purpose.