Childbirth Meditations Series – Intro and About The Author

(2nd edition, 2014)

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In June 2003, the greatest of all things happened to me – I gave birth to my first child. That, however, was after an excruciating 38-hour labor full of complications and finding out I wasn’t as prepared as I could’ve been. I had educated myself, learned all I could, and taken things to the birth that would comfort me, including loved ones to talk me through it but what I didn’t do, however, was write down inspiring, encouraging words to keep me focused during each and every contraction so whenever a particular bad one came, or when complications arose, I had to rely on whatever I could think of in the moment. Now, if you’ve given birth before, you know that that is hard to do when you’re in pain so for the birth of my 2nd baby, I decided to be really prepared.

As I thought about how to best prepare for this labor, I remembered that repeating encouraging statements in my head as a contraction started, peaked, and subsided during the birth really worked for me. It also works like a charm when I go for my long-distance runs; I use little index cards with inspirational words that I read and repeat, repeat, repeat like a mantra and, before you know it, I’ve run for another 5 minutes or another ½ mile. Unfortunately, during my birth, I didn’t have any on hand … I was just winging it.

That’s why I wrote this little book and its companion, 50 More Encouraging Childbirth Meditations. Some of the sayings are funny or silly, some straight forward facts, some are little exercises or tasks to do as you go through a contraction, and some are just centering thoughts. What is most important of all, though, is that they are ALL positive and loving words meant to uplift, inspire, and encourage you through childbirth with an open heart and mind. All you have to do is read each phrase or have it read to you right as a contraction begins and go from there with what it says.

I wish you the ability to handle your labor but, even more so, I wish you the ability to handle all the joy you can stand because that is what you’re about to get with your new little one! Here’s to the greatest moment of your life! God bless, good luck and best wishes to you on the big day and always!

About The Author
Narah Valenska Smith

Narah Valenska Smith, 42, is a stay-at-home mom, inspirational writer, and motivational speaker in Miami, Florida. She is happily married to Scott, an award-winning musician, and is a proud and loving mom to her now 11-year old son, Ian, and his 8-year old brother, Dylan, as well as proud and loving stepmom to 18-year-old, Brannon.

Narah has lived in Miami for the better part of 32 years after moving from Puerto Rico in 1982 at the age of 10. She writes about life in general and looks forward to releasing her childhood memoirs (Stolen Souls), her midlife memoirs (The Unfurling of Narah Valenska) and her transformation journals (For Life & Love: Journals of Healing) next.

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