You Can Change Your Life

You Can Change Your Life - Narah Valenska Smith - Feb 2017

I know you’ve heard it said a million times: You can change your life. I also know it’s more than annoying to hear that when you can’t see an inch in front of you. Trust me. I get it. It can border on insanity! So, let me make myself clear on my reason for making that statement… I want you to know, from my own personal experience, that it’s true! ūüėÉ Yes, that dang statement is THE TRUTH!

Oh my gosh, I think I’ll cry with just this thought that just came up but let me not. Let me share it instead and give you hope, if you need it. If not, save this for a rainy day (not that I wish you any but, just in case).

The thought that just came took me back to a few years ago… I’d say it was 2013-2014. I was destitute broke and, under my breath, I just blurted out (to God, I guess) where do you start when you have nothing? when you have no money? when you have no food?¬†And the answer was clear as day: with the only thing you have¬†– your thoughts¬†and your dreams.


It was SO¬†clear –¬†with the only thing you have¬†– your thoughts¬†and your dreams¬†– that I wrote it on my whiteboard hanging on my¬†wall because I wanted to see that message EVERY DAY¬†and remember it and never forget it again.

Now, I’d like to say that I didn’t forget it but the truth is, I did. However, I can 100% tell you that asking that question and getting that answer is where “the shift” began for me.

Fast-forward 2 years from 2013-2014¬†and I was still struggling financially but I kept working on my life without giving up. I did my Real You Living Bootcamp and helped 3¬†people work on their lives and then I joined Beachbody, got my body back after having had Faith Rose in July 2014, joined a Mastermind group and got back to reading personal development books. And that’s when I finally got myself fully back on track. With what?¬†With the only thing I¬†had – my thoughts¬†and my dreams.

That is all it takes to START to change your life. Your mindset. You have got to make up your mind you are going to change yourself and your life and you have got to do the work without giving up. All the bad that has happened that brought you to the bad place you currently are matters not. The only thing that matters is whether you want a better self and a better life and whether you’re going to take action from that place, presence and personal poise.

The results for me? I CHANGED MY LIFE!

As many of you¬†know, I took that long break from social media to¬†focus on what I wanted – to spend time with my family – and what I needed – money to be able to enjoy life¬†without so much hardship. And that’s exactly what I created. With what?¬†With the only thing I¬†had – my thoughts¬†and my dreams.¬†Notice a bit of a running theme here? This is how you change your life. With your mindset being the best it can possibly be and with a vision for yourself and your life.

For those of you broke and maybe even destitute out there, you’ve gotta know this is the only real way money or anything you want will¬†come. With your thoughts and your dreams. It begins there at least. Then, you have to take action. That’s what I did with getting offline to give myself adequate space and and with doing the work with Beachbody and my Mastermind and then with pursuing business again to generate more income than I had been for a long time.

If I hadn’t done the work to change, I’d not realized¬†that money was what I wanted and needed next and that I had to change to¬†get that money to come. That’s a topic for another post (the next one, probably)… worthiness. That’s what I found within myself and that’s what it all boils down to, folks – worthiness. You’ve gotta know you¬†are worthy and you’ve gotta know your worth not only with money but with everything else you want whether it be weight loss or a romantic relationship or whatever it is.

That’s what must ultimately change – how worthy you believe you are to have the life¬†that you want which determines¬†the actions you take accordingly – and it only happens when you change your thoughts and yourself. May sharing my personal experience inspire and help you do so!

All my love to you always,

Narah Valenska Smith - Writer - - Writing. Speaking. Heart to heart. Soul to soul. You Are Worthy.

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