Value Yourself

Value Yourself

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Value Yourself

Value Yourself

by Narah Valenska Smith

Do you value yourself? Do you get that what you bring to the table of life matters? I hope you do because few things are as important in life as being and doing what you were born to do and you can only do so fully by first valuing yourself.

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Valuing yourself sets the tone for your entire life. If you do not value yourself, you cannot offer value to anyone else. You may value them more than yourself BUT you are not offering them value because you are not connected to your own personal, intrinsic one. Now that is a waste of untold proportions and quite interesting given one of my recent posts which I entitled How To Give Value.

This is the deal… I have been working online for years and only this morning really got this – that you cannot really offer value to anyone else if you do not value yourself. You have got to have something to be able to pass it on to others. If I don’t value myself, how will you value yourself?

So, there are many ways this can show up in one’s life. It can show up in self-care, self-nurturing, whether you ensure you have enough to live on, how you eat, how you dress, whether you get paid on time by others, whether you pay your own bills on time, essentially how you do your entire life. For me, it is showing up as lacking in every area just mentioned and more and I am SO done with it.

In business in particular, I have products and programs and have lots of “things” and “value” to offer but there is no real rhyme to my method, there is no consistency. And the reason for that, I finally see, is that I do not value myself and what I have. And that’s because I actually value others more than I value myself. I’m more concerned to not upset people or make them uncomfortable that I don’t ask for or do what I need or even stand for myself as much as I need to. I devalue myself so much and cannot tell you just how much this has harmed me in my life.

As a result of not valuing myself, I have shot myself in the foot again and again. I have not done what is best for me and, in the end, all it’s done is kept me from being able to do what is best for others because I am operating from a place of self-imposed lack. Oftentimes, I have done what is best for others even when to my detriment and while that is nice to a degree and at certain times, we can definitely do that, for me, a negative pattern is what valuing others above myself has become.

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To Value Yourself, Love Yourself As You Love Your Neighbor

What I finally realize is that I have to love myself as much as I love my neighbor. I know that’s not the way the saying goes but sometimes we have to turn things on their head according to those patterns of ours we MUST interrupt to change things for the better in our lives. The saying does say Love your neighbor as you love yourself … not MORE! As soon as you love others and value them more than you value yourself, there’s a weird energy created, a strange imbalance that doesn’t work. You cannot value others above – or less than – yourself. The key is to value yourself and others EQUALLY.

Don’t minimize yourself. Don’t diminish your value by making others more important than yourself. That’s like stabbing your own self in the back and then being pissed off about how invaluable and unappreciated you feel. That’s kind of silly, right?

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Value yourself, own yourself, value your cause, own your cause. It’s the only way to really make a difference in this world. Don’t lose your identity, your true self, by making yourself smaller than what you know you were created to be. Know yourself and trust yourself so that you can recognize your own self-worth. The truth is that it’s right in front of your nose.

And when you see this, you will see that indeed it is true that you can only be valued by others if you have learned to value yourself first and that truth – like all truth – will set you free. There’s no other way around it and I wish you great and immediate success at adopting this concept. Love yourself, value yourself, always, first and foremost. You’ll be able to love everyone else (including God) that much better.

With more love than ever, valuing MYSELF and you,

Narah Valenska Smith - Writer - - Writing. Speaking. Heart to heart. Soul to soul. You Are Worthy.

Narah  😉