Why Sharing Your Life Matters

Why Sharing Your Life Is Good

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Why Sharing Your Life Matters

Some people will tell you that sharing your life publicly is not good. Some “experts” even. I’m not one of them. I believe much of the malaise in the world stems from people hiding out and sometimes (oftentimes) downright suffering in silence. I believe people not sharing who they are, where they’ve been and where they’re going is, actually, very dangerous. To me, this lack of authenticity is a cancer eating people inside out, up and away. All it does is keep us from making full and true connections with each other. And, how can that be good for anyone? I just don’t get it.

I don’t know how ever this first started in the world in general but it’s not something I’m willing to have in my life. I have failed to share much at times but not to, in any way, mislead anyone. Mostly, my lack of sharing my life has been due either for lack of a moment to do so since I’ve always been working my buns off behind the scenes to stay afloat financially, especially after my life changed a few years ago OR out of concern to not throw people in certain stories under the bus, so-to-speak. If ever anyone asked me anything that they wanted to know however, I’ve more than willingly and openly shared. Like my writings , I myself am real which is why I write nonfiction – and about my own life in particular – in the first place.

I truly believe sharing your life is the ultimate good you can do because it’s what you’re here to do. I believe people don’t do it more because they’re concerned with looking good to others and also to themselves. They think they’re less than perfect and don’t want anyone to know what they live with daily. But we all know none of us is perfect, don’t we? So, what’s the point of pretending otherwise to one another? I rather not. I am anything but perfect and have not led a perfect life by any means but there’s no point in trying to cover the sky with one’s hand. In the end, the truth always remains and you’re only as free as you’re unwilling to hide.

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Why Sharing Your Life REALLY Matters

The interesting thing about sharing your life is that the reason it really matters has nothing to do with you. Your life is for the benefit of OTHERS so, if you do not share it, you don’t contribute what you know and your experiences to the people you could help with that. Also, if you do not share yourself, no one can respond and contribute to you with their own stories and knowledge as it relates to you and yours either so you – and we ALL – also end up missing out.

When you are sharing your life, however, not only are you and others contributing but in the act of doing so, relationships are being built and bonds are being created and formed. That is COMMUNITY. That is a group of people who truly know one another and care for each other. Is that not the kind of place we all want to belong to? Is that not the kind of world we want to live in? I say, oh yes, indeed it is!

Well, it takes sharing to create it. So, I encourage you to start sharing your life if you don’t do it already. Really share it. Share yourself, your experiences, your talents, your gifts, your hopes, your dreams. Share your sorrows, your tears, your fears. Please. For the benefit of everyone and your own, share yourself and your heart away.

All my love to you always,

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In Memoriam of My Dear Friend & Brother In Christ

Don (Donnie) Gutierrez

Thank you for sharing your life & yourself so beautifully

Don Gutierrez - Jesus Peace - Romans 10 13 - Sharing Your Life

I wrote this post not only because sharing your life is what I often write about and speak of but because it’s what I’ve failed to do many times due to “circumstances” (financial hardships, in my case) that I kept allowing to keep me from fully sharing myself all the time as I really feel called to do and always have. Having a dear friend pass just one week ago (on Monday June 13, 2016) in a tragic 4-vehicle accident after thinking of death so often recently because so many people I knew or cared about have died this year really cemented for me – ONCE AND FOR ALL – that I will share my writings, my life, my heart and myself from here on. This is my calling. This is what I do. I write, I speak, I coach; I inspire and encourage people to action in their lives by taking action in my own. I have no other words about your passing, my dear friend, that have not already been said except I will miss you on this earth so very much. Thank you for calling me to action. So wish you were here…


MY CALL TO ACTION TO YOU: Please share in the comments about the post, your thoughts, yourself or Don. And if you feel so called, do kindly donate to Don’s wife and 2 boys, Tyler and Kevin, at https://www.gofundme.com/29fc52c. Thank you and God bless you all.