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The Business At Hand Although it has been over 3 months now since I've posted, that does not mean I have not written – only that I have not been writing here because I've been busy with the business at hand. These days that has been a growing belly and work, the latter which, as you regular readers know, has… Read More

Narah Valenska Smith - Success Is Courage And Failure Is Cowardice - Success and Failure - Narah Valenska Smith - #Writer #Author #BeTheRealYou #Courage #Stand -

Before all my "failures" of the last 5 years, I had 10 years of nothing but "success."  Before those 10 years though, I had 5 years of "failure"… …and before those 5 years of "failure," I had 5 years of "success." What's To Determine What's Really Success and Failure I put those 2 words in… Read More

A Family Is A Little World Created By Love * * #Writer #Author #BeTheRealYou - Be The Real You - Authenticity - Life Purpose Expert

The word FAMILY merits bold, capital letters here because nothing, other than Christ, has been more important and impactful in my life. The most fascinating thing is how negatively impactful family has been as opposed to Christ who has been such a coming Home to, positively impacting influence upon my life. It's so amazing to me how… Read More

Love Is The Outcome by Narah Valenska Smith - #author #writer #betherealyou -

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014. What's the outcome of today gonna be? Honestly, in spite of all my intentions, work and plans, I've truly NO idea what today will bring. The truth is we never really know anything. Only God really knows what's coming down the pike. That's why I say that living requires great faith and… Read More

Jesus Christ - The Holy Bible - Matthew 20 - Narah Valenska Smith - Writer

Matthew 20 In Matthew 20, Jesus predicts His death for a third, and final, time. It is also where He talks about giving the same to the last as to the first without playing favorites and about serving others. This is why I love Him so. He just loved, period.  I love so many lines in… Read More

Joyous by Narah Valenska Smith - 3 Things You Can do To Be Happy No Matter What

3 Things You Can Do Right Now To Be Happy No Matter What All human beings want to be happy and what is even more beneficial is knowing how to be happy no matter what. The suicide of fashion designer, longtime girlfriend of Mick Jagger, L'Wren Scott makes one think what could have prevented it or stopped… Read More

My favorite person is my husband Scott Smith #love #favorite #husband Narah Valenska Smith #music

My favorite person in the world (other than my wonderful children, of course – but my most favorite adult for sure!) is my husband, Scott Smith, because he is someone I feel safe with, protected by and have complete trust in. It took me FOREVER but I finally learned that it should be that way with the… Read More